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Six signs that your friend is using you

Toxic Friendship Humans are very social creatures and thus, we all need friends to get by. However, sometimes these friendships can cause us more stress than happiness and that’s definitely something to look out for. Sometimes, it can be hard to acknowledge that you’re surrounded by toxic friends so if you’re struggling with something similar, […]

Cannabis Legislation in the UK

Cannabis Legislation in the UK

Attitudes toward cannabis have been changing in recent years. All around the globe, there has been an increase in legalization and legislation regarding cannabis. Efforts have been made to make cannabis legal for medicinal purposes in many countries, as well as legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Each country and region has different legislation in how […]

How technology can help with mental health issues

mental health

According to WHO (world health organization), mental health issues are affecting a great number of people. It is estimated that around 260 million people are suffering from anxiety disorders while another 300 million people are suffering from depression. The reality is that researchers have not yet developed a drug that will fix mental health issues […]