5 ways to rule the Blackjack table

Blackjack may not be one of the best-known casino games, but it has been made more popular by the arrival of online casino, and these are a handful of tips that can make you more likely to win at it.


Forget any superstitions


Blackjack, like other casino table games, is about strategy – with a bit of luck thrown in as well. However, despite the importance of having a bit of the latter on your side does not mean that superstitions will be of any use to you during the game.


Grasp the basics of blackjack strategy


You can significantly enhance your chances of winning at blackjack if you figure out some basic strategy, such as whether you should split 9,9 if the dealer has 5, or whether hitting 16 when they show 10 is the right move.


Understand how house advantage works


The basis of the advantage in favour of the house in blackjack is that the player has to make his or her decision without knowing what card the casino has in the hole. Furthermore if you bust in blackjack it is impossible for you to break even – not even if the casino also busts.


Understand how the player advantage works


There are advantages to the player, as well as the house, in blackjack – for example you have the option of either lowering or increasing the betting amount for every hand, while the house must stop hitting when it gets to 17, even if this guarantees defeat.


Understand how blackjacks are made


If you score a natural (which means the first two cards you are dealt add up to 21), you will usually be paid 3:2 by the house. However, if it the house that gets the natural, the maximum you can lose your bet at is 1:1, while if you have taken out insurance you will lose nothing.

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