Blackjack terminologies guide

Many people today enjoy playing casino games at mobile or online casinos. Of these games, a popular favorite is blackjack. If you’ve never played blackjack before, there are certain terms that you should be familiar with in order to ensure you are playing the best you can.


Players must build their hand up to a total of 21 points. Any hand over this amount is considered a bust and the player automatically loses.

Double or double down

After players are dealt their first two cards, they have the option of placing an extra bet equivalent to the initial bet. However, the player can only receive one more card.

Five card Charlie

When a player receives five cards in their hand without busting, some casinos will offer an additional bonus. This is becoming more rare to find.


Requesting another card is known as a hit.


If the dealer reveals that one of his cards is an ace, there is a good chance he could have a blackjack. He will ask players if they want insurance which is essentially a side bet in the event that the dealer does have a blackjack. However, if the dealer does not, the player would lose the bet.


Essentially a tie, it occurs when the dealer and player have hands with the same count.


This is the device used to hold multiple card decks. Most tables will report how many decks are in each shoe.


If a player is dealt two cards with the same rank, he may opt to split them into separate hands. This means a bet must be wagered on both.


Standing happens when a player decides to not be dealt any more cards.


This is a blackjack hand that counts an ace as 11 points rather than 1.

Next time you play a game of blackjack, you will be better informed and improve your game with a basic understanding of these words.

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