Famous Female Poker Players

Female celebrities who are acclaimed by the public, pampered by entrepreneurs, and hired by television networks or large studios, since poker became a sport that is gaining more fans, decided to devote part of their lives to practicing this discipline. These beauties knew how to get their place at the tables, not simply as a mere spectacle presence, but as players on a par with their male rivals. Perhaps in some cases, they did not get the same amount of victories, but surely managed to catch the glances and not only those of their colleagues.

Shannon Elizabeth

Actress Shannon Elizabeth, who rose to fame playing that foreign student in the movie “American Pie”, is one of the most visible actresses in the poker scene. Usually her games play in the casinos of Hollywood and Los Angeles, but usually it makes many escapes to Las Vegas, where is frequent to find it.

Originally from Texas, but with Lebanese, Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry (perhaps the mix originated such a beauty), during the last few years she maintained a solid career in different poker tournaments, and came among the players entitled to great Tournaments with winnings of more than 200 thousand dollars. In the National Heads-up Poker tournament, she achieved a significant performance, reaching the semifinals. She also represented the Lebanon team in the World Team Poker Championship.

Elizabeth describes poker as her “second career” and is called “one of the top celebrity poker players.”

Among her first appearances in the poker world, she participated in the 2005 World Series Main Event and won a special tournament in celebration of the opening of a new poker room at Caesars Palace in January 2006.

Jennifer Tilly

Californian Jennifer Tilly is another of the girls who adopted poker as one of their favorite sports. She is fond of Texas Hold’em and in 2005 won a World Series of Poker bracelet at the Ladies Event.

In addition to being nominated for the Oscars as Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the 1994 Broadway Woody Allen movie, Jennifer also proved her natural strength at the tables by earning about $ 600,000 in tournaments.

Without a doubt, her performance at the Ladies Event provided him with the opportunity to appear in several poker programs such as NBC’s Poker After Dark, playing against some of the most reputed professionals.

Paris Hilton

American businesswoman, model, actress, designer and singer Paris Hilton also decided to enter the world of poker and not long ago was seen at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas during a game of cash game high stakes poker, in the company of her friend Jean Robert Bellande, who claimed that the blonde granddaughter of Conrad Hilton (founder of the Hilton Hotels) even took a few dollars of profit.

Paris’s passion for poker was already known in 2006 when it apparently lost its $ 150,000 Bentley car, a negligible figure for anyone who, as in its case, is estimated to have a fortune of more than $ 1.3 billion.

Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria is also a lover of poker. Although in recent times she was not seen participating in the tables, in the past she did it for a noble cause.

The Eva’s Heroes Foundation, an association that seeks to help children with developmental problems and young adults with special needs, annually organizes a poker tournament for charitable purposes, as part of a special celebrity gala night Sport and entertainment.

She is an expert Texas hold’em player, a real competitive spirit, and absolutely plays to win, according to her friends.

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