How Does Strip Poker Work

As you know, the Strip Poker is that fantastic poker mode in which the participants are stripping their clothes as they lose. It can be played in any of the poker modes like Omaha, 5-cards-draw, or Texas Hold’em. This game is popular at parties and social gatherings of young people and is used to break the tension and get into confidence.

The number of participants is the least important (of course you will not play alone), the key here is quality. You’ll want to bring your sexiest friends and you’ll also have to be selective with your male friends. Make sure it is a mixed group of equal numbers of women and men or better still, more women than men. Thus, if a participant leaves, whether male or female, they can continue to play, otherwise there will be more men and they will become bored.

Strip Poker Rules

To play the Strip Poker it is important to establish rules from the beginning:

Socks and underwear are counted as garments, while jewelry, glasses and other household goods are not.

In the same way, for equality, an equal number of items can be established for each participant. A number of five may be sufficient in some cases.

You can find three categories of the Classic Strip Poker: the Fast Strip Poker, the Moderate Strip Poker and the Slow Strip Poker.

Strip Poker Quick

The first one is that at the end of each round, the players show their hand: Only the one with the best hand does not take off the clothes. The first one who is completely naked, loses. It is the most used modality.

Strip Poker Moderate

This version, unlike the first, makes that only the person with the worst hand at the end of each round is stripped of a garment. As on the previous occasion, the first to be naked is the one who loses.

Strip Poker Slow

As for the slow version of the Strip Poker, this may take some time, even determined. The clothes disappears according to the chips: If a player runs out of chips, he has to remove a garment in order to play again. We know that here the good players, who know how to use the lanterns well, can recover the chips quickly, while others will be naked at the first change.

Tips to Play the Strip Poker Successfully

If you want to organize a game of Strip Poker at home, whether it’s a couple or with friends, we leave some tips to flavor these nights of mischief.

The atmosphere in your living room or playroom is essential: soft lighting, cushions on the sofa, music that invite relaxation and help break the ice.

Also take into account the temperature of the room: We would rarely want to undress if it is too cold (although, on second thought, it is not a bad idea if the objective is to warm up, right?).

Remember the need to incite your partner, you can be sensual with your striptease, use erotic toys or any corner or furniture of your room. Play with the eye adopts suggestive postures. Of course, banning the use of hands is a great option to add to the game … (but not too far, eh!).

Consider wearing a garment type garment, or lace underwear in black or red. Something that will undoubtedly change the mood of more than one player and player.

Of course the tension increases during the night is inevitable and, almost certainly, end the night in a somewhat more intimate phase.

We hope that with this advice enjoy your night and win … or lose, the best. That depends on you!

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