How People Cheat At Blackjack

Despite the fact that blackjack offers some of the best odds to top a casino, there are those who still need to cheat in order to win. Over the years, many people have used a variety of the most creative methods to cheat blackjack.

Hiding aces and dices was less frequent in blackjack than in poker, but it happened from time to time. In that situation, a player only replaced his hidden card with a given one in his hand in order to get a total of 21.

When a gambler was caught cheating in the old western halls, the affair was seldom brought before a judge. Most of the cheating conflicts on the cards were solved right there on the floor of the room, with an unfortunate player dying from a gunshot wound. Being guilty or innocent did not matter as much as the speed with which the weapon could be drawn.

Cheating at Blackjack Today

With the advent of gambling legalization in Las Vegas, a new generation of cheaters emerged who stood out in creating new methods to cheat. All gambling attracts cheaters and Las Vegas became a gigantic candy shop.

There were many ways to cheat in blackjack, but perhaps the most enduring was a technique known as pastposting or late betting. Through this method, a cheater cunningly added chips to his initial bet when he had a winning hand.

This technique works like this (remember this is just an example for informational purposes so do not try to do this in the casino): the cheater places an initial bet, say $ 10 before the cards are dealt in the usual way. The dealer distributes cards and the player sees that he has a total of 20. As the dealer distributes his hands or waits for the other players to act on his hands, the cheater adds chips to the initial stack. And the dealer turns to the player without being aware that the initial bet has been modified.

It may sound weird, but before there were high tech cameras in casinos late bets were the most common way to cheat. A few individuals became legends for how well they carried out this method.

Sherri Schoons became famous for being one of the expert pastposters in the game. She perfected her pastposting technique to the point that even the most intelligent casino dealers and room supervisors failed to detect her deception. Sherri worked as a member of several teams. His position on the team was always that of “claimant.” The claimant fulfilled the functions of the Great Player in the equipment of count of letters. That player was the one who took on the big risks at the blackjack table. The claimant was also the most dangerous role to play on the team.

Cheat at Blackjack Online

The most common way to cheat at online blackjack is to use special software to read the dealer’s hole card. This has become a successful method for cheating online, but to a large extent has been used in online poker more than online blackjack. The most notorious example was the Ultimate Bet poker site, which eventually closed following a fraud scandal.

Some online gamblers claim that it is online casinos that cheat. They say that online blackjack games are like a slot machine in which the decisions you make are irrelevant. Whether the player wins or not, is predetermined by chance.

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