How People Cheat At Roulette

There are many tricks that people use to cheat at roulette, such as various strategies like Martingale strategy, D’Alembert strategy, or James Bond strategy to name a few. It should be remembered that each one of them has a history of results, and none guarantees 100% that you are going to earn money.

To know a little more roulette cheats we will start talking about the different strategies.

” Standard Martingale ” is probably one of the best known roulette tips, the strategy is to double the bets after losing in a game where the odds are 50/50. In this way the 1st time that it was won would recover the lost games previously, and would give a small benefit to the player.

The ” Reverse Martingale ” is based on increasing your bets when you win and decrease your bets when you lose. These roulette tricks have the main idea that if you are on the run, you increase your winnings and if you start to lose luck, you limit your losses.

The Alembert strategy is a little more secure than the “Standard Martingale and Reverse Martingale strategy” is based on encouraging or reducing bets based on arithmetic factors, ie instead of doubling your bet if you lose, you raise your bet In 1 unit when you lose.

The Fibonacci strategy to know it more thoroughly, was a sequence of numbers called “Fibonacci” by the Italian mathematician who discovered the following sequence, generated by adding the two previous numbers to generate each of the following: 1-1-2- 3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610, this strategy assumes betting by adding the two previous bets to get the amount of the next. These roulette tricks have the advantage that you can make a profit even if you lose more times than you could win.

For the James Bond strategy, you need at least € 200 to carry out what is called a “column bet” or multiple bet which is as follows:

Bet 140 € on the high numbers (19-36)

Bet 50 € on 6 numbers from 13-18

Bet 10 € to 0

Knowing the possibilities, if you are not lucky you will have lost your money, but if you have won you will find 3 winnings with these roulette tricks:

If the ball falls between 19-36 you have won € 80

If the ball falls between 13-18 you have won € 100

If the ball falls to 0 you have won 160 €


Popular roulette tricks

One of the popular roulette tricks is the so-called “Red” system, this strategy uses the fact that in the 3rd column in the table of bets in roulette are eight red sectors numbered and only 4 black sectors .

Now following this tactic is necessary to make only 2 bets, for example € 5 to the 3rd column and € 10 for insurance, to black. And these would be the variants:

If the black sector falls in the 1st or 2nd column, you lose 5 euros as the bet on the column but you will win 10 as a bet on the black, so you would get a profit of € 5.

If you drop the red sector placed in the 1st or 2nd column you will lose both bets and lose € 15.

If you fall into one of the black sectors of the 3rd column, you will receive 10 € when betting on the column and also 10 when betting on the black. You would have a profit of € 20.

If red falls and also in one of the sectors placed in the 3rd column, you will win 10 euros when betting on the third column and you will lose 10 euros when betting on black. In other words, there would be no losses.

If you fell in the least probable case, if you fell in sector 0, you would lose both bets and 15 euros.

Now that you’ve learned a few tricks about roulette, you can now start playing and have fun in this entertaining and entertaining casino roulette game !

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