How To Play Virtual Reality Roulette

The game of roulette has changed very little since it was invented centuries ago, but software developers found a way to revamp it. Microgaming has created a lot of roulette versions that can be enjoyed in their online casinos and recently unveiled the first virtual roulette game. Through augmented reality and portable technology, this game is expected to start a revolution and completely change the way roulette fans play their favorite game.

The new game uses the latest technologies and breathe new life into a genre that is already very popular among those who appreciate table games. The virtual roulette game was presented at the ICE conference entirely in the 2016 games and that extended to the audience of its feet with luxury graphics and a total immersion experience. It will probably take quite a while, but over time as technology becomes more prevalent, online casinos that will be part of the Microgaming network will begin the introduction of this game, opening a new chapter in the roulette saga of Internet.

Oculus Technology for the use of virtual roulette

Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future and appeals to video game developers as well as those who make online casino games handy. Oculus technology is widely regarded as the best out there, so it’s no surprise that Microgaming decided to use it in its new virtual roulette game. The DK 2 Oculus Rift headset is used with the 3D Leap Motion slider to track movements performed by players’ hands and project them into a 3D virtual world.

Microgaming is famous for knowing how to leave a lasting impression, when unveiling a new title and the game of virtual roulette was no exception. The audience at ICE 2016 discovered the prototype in a futuristic CRYO lab and took a virtual trip to outer space. This is just the first step and the software developer plans to become a pioneer in this niche, bringing virtual reality to more of their games. It is likely to assume that other promoters in the competitive market will do the same. Bet properly to play with luck. In the betting of the interior can be divided into several types. The bet can be made over a number or group of specific numbers. It is a good idea to wager on more than one number. In standard term betting on two consecutive numbers is termed as division while in three numbers it is known as street. If the bet is made on four consecutive numbers it is called a corner. Unlike betting on the inside, the outside can not be spread through the table. Bets must stay together.

How to play Virtual Reality Roulette

To start playing virtual games it is necessary to open an account in one of the recommended virtual reality casinos, and download the application. Once you have done this, it will only be a matter of logging in and choosing your favorite avatar to start playing.

It is necessary to have a specific equipment , such as the glasses of Oculus or Steam VR.

You can also play without glasses on most software. However, much of the experience is eliminated.


As for the control, you only need a joystick, a mouse or a keyboard to participate in the experience.

To exit a virtual reality casino press the escape key on your keyboard. In some cases it is sufficient to take off the glasses.

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