Roulette terminologies guide

Playing a casino game at an online or mobile casino can often be rather perplexing if you don’t have the knowledge of the terminology associated with the game. This is especially true for the game of roulette, which is a popular game people enjoy.

American Roulette

This version of roulette is mainly found in the Americas. Using a special wheel with 38 slots translates to better odds for the player. The additional slot on this wheel is a double zero.

Column Bet

On the roulette wheel, there are columns of 12 numbers. This is a special type of bet placed on one of these columns.

Corner Bet

Another type of bet, corner bets mean that one of four numbers must be landed on in order for a player to win.


This is the casino worker who supervises the roulette table. Some casinos may refer to this person as a dealer which really isn’t appropriate.

European Roulette

Another variation of roulette, this wheel doesn’t include the double zero as found in American roulette. This translates to a lower house edge.

Even Money

A type of bet, players that win will receive the same amount that they wagered.

Inside Bets

When players make wagers on the inside section of the roulette wheel.

La partage

Some roulette games employ this rule which means that players will only lose half of a bet and are not required to leave the bet on the table for another spin.

Outside Bets

The opposite of inside bets, outside bets are placed on the outer ring of the wheel.


Used in some casinos, if the wheel lands on either 0 or 00, the player will lost only half of their wager.

While this isn’t a list of all the terms that associated with roulette, it is a list of some of the more important terms. Making sure you understand them can make you feel much more comfortable when enjoying an exciting game of roulette!

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