Rules Of American Roulette

The American Roulette is a gambling game where participants play against the casino, as occurs with French or European Roulette, but unlike this one , there are two variants: a zero and double zero . American Double-zero Roulette is the commonly called American Roulette in the United States , but in Spain, American Roulette has only one zero.

American Roulette is mainly extended in American casinos and consists of 38 numbers , of which one box is for zero (‘0′) and another for double zero (’00’) and the rest for numbers included in 1 To 36. This is an advantage for the larger bank than with a single zero, since the casino wins for itself two numbers instead of winning one.

Due to the complaints and criticisms made by customers regarding the mathematical advantage of double zero (’00’) in favor of the bank, the rules of this game were gradually reformulated to prevent American Roulette from falling into disuse. Although the bank did not give up losing all its mathematical advantage, because this type continues in force in the United States, when moving it to Europe eliminated the double zero (’00’). In European casinos there is rarely an American Roulette table with double zero (’00’).

Physical characteristics of the table

The Table: On the American Roulette table, the simple draws (red / black, even / odd and missing / pass) are on one side of the table. This rug is accessible from one side of the table, the other side where there is no space to play for the simple bets is occupied by the dealer.

Size: Both the size of the cloth and the table are smaller in American Roulette than in European. In American Roulette is played standing, therefore, the table is higher than in the case of the European where you play sitting.

Rules of American Roulette

Looking closely at the numbers in the American Roulette cylinder, check that the zero (‘0′) is located opposite the double zero (’00’), 1 versus 2 and so on until you reach 35, opposite To 36. On the other hand, all red numbers are opposed to black numbers.

The disposition of the numbers in the American Roulette cylinder is very different from the European Roulette and the American Roulette of a zero , so the classic bets (the third, the orphans and the neighbors of the zero) and the numbers and Its neighbors, well known in the European or American of a zero, have no place in this double zero system.

The rest of the bets are the same, except for the so-called “bet on the top five”, which, in the other two roulettes, would be called “bet on the first four”. In American Roulette the first five refer to the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The bet on the first five is done by placing the bet as shown in the following image. The player wins if the winning number is one of the five numbers that are played (0, 00, 1, 2, 3). The payout ratio for this bet is 5 to 1.

Minimum and maximum limit

American Roulette usually starts with a lower minimum bet than in European, ie, the limits in American Roulette are lower than in European Roulette.

The rhythm of the game in the American Roulette is much more agile than the one of the European, one of the determining factors for the difference of agility is the distribution of the spaces to realize the bets. In American Roulette, the players themselves can comfortably place their bets without help from the dealer. Other factors are: the chips used allow the payment to be fast unlike the chips used in the European, the croupier makes changes, withdrawal of chips and payments with the hands without the need to use a rake that implies a slower movements.


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