Slots terminologies guide

For many people, slot machines are the most appealing casino game given not only their ease of play but the variety of themes they offer. Whether a player enjoys slot machines games online or on their mobile device, it is key for players to know the terminology associated with these casino games.

Bet Max

This is the most credits that can be wagered on a spin. Most slot machines have a button that can be pressed to automatically place this bet. Typically the bet max will offer higher payouts.


When coins are inserted into the machine, they are converted into credits.


This is the top prize that any slot machine can pay.

Line Bet

Some slot machines have multiple pay lines which enables players to make multiple wagers on a single spin.

Loose slots

Slot machines that payout frequently are known as loose slots.


A bonus that can be found on certain slot machines, multipliers can increase payouts.


In order for a slot machine to win, these are the winning combinations on the reels of the slot machines.


When a winning combination occurs on the slot machines, a payout is the amount of money the player wins.

Pay Table

These are prominently displayed on slot machines. At online or mobile casinos, they can be obtained by clicking links. These tables report the possible winning combination for a specific slot machine and how much can be won.

Progressive Slot Machines

Slot machines that are connected to one another, also offer an additional chance to win. The jackpot continues to grow until a player wins.

Next time you decide to play a slot machine game, having an understanding of these terms can help you to feel more self-assured which is important when wagering your hard earned money!

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