Is Legal High Legal in the UK?

A lot will come into mind when you hear or read about “legal high” in the UK. Legal high is a term commonly used to describe a wide range of synthetic drugs. This is a common term used to describe new psychoactive substances or NPS.

Legal highs are psychoactive drugs that contain numerous chemical ingredients, and some are either illegal, while others are not. What many people may not know is that these drugs produce similar effects like cannabis, ecstasy, and cocaine.

Legal highs are quite popular, and many people might have varied perceptions about these drugs. Some may ask, are they suitable for daily use? Or are they legal in the UK?

Even though the use of these drugs and laws that govern them vary from one country to another, always have a clear understanding of how they work. Legal high has been in the market for many years. In fact, some of these drugs are legal to cultivate but have a certain psychoactive effect you should know.

The major concern about how legal is legal highs in the UK has been how they are sold, their effects, and the risks involved. In most parts of the UK, psychoactive substances are sold in the form of pills, powder, capsules, liquids; for example poppers, smoking mixtures, and perforated tabs. What many may also know is that these drugs are often available in “head shops.”

Head shops are retail outlets that specialize in the paraphernalia most used for consumption of tobacco and cannabis. These shops also offer items that are widely linked to cannabis cultures. Most of these substances are stimulants and make users feel energized.

Other legal drugs are sedatives and make their users feel more relaxed and euphoric. And if you are looking for drugs that will hallucinate or alter your perceptions, some psychedelics will work miracles in your case. Then depending on where you live in UK, you will, without a doubt, find a head shop that will satisfy your needs. And if you want to cultivate them in your backyard, you can still do so.

Legal High Laws in the UK- What to Know

New legal substances grace the market now and then, and new types are being discovered. It’s wise to look at the legal status of new psychoactive substances. The UK government has always been strict about drug use, and it has introduced a temporary class drug order. This means the government can ban a drug for a whole year whilst a decision is being made on whether to control it permanently.

It is illegal to possess a drug that is a temporary class drug order, and even for personal use. You will also be fined or sent to prison if found with such drugs. If it’s your first time reading or hearing about legal highs, know that they are now banned by the UK government.

With the advent of new psychoactive substances, the Psychoactive Substances Act enacted in 2016 has expounded on how legal is high legal. Holding the laws and regulations set about the use of these substances at hand puts you in a better position to use them stress-free. The purpose of this law is to define a drug by its effects, and this is as opposed to its composition.

Psychoactive Substances Act is clear and makes an offence to:


  • Intent to produce a psychoactive substance.
  • Supply or distribute a psychoactive substance.
  • Possess psychoactive substance with the intent to supply it.
  • Export and import psychoactive substances.
  • Aggravation of offence under the provided section like the offence taking place in or during school’s operation hours, or custodial institution.

Many people may not know that the Psychoactive Substances Act excludes things like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, food, and medical products. This Act also offers powers to authorized individuals or government systems to stop and search persons, vessels, and vehicles. This is in accordance with a warrant and can seize and destroy these substances.

To Sum Up


Legal highs can be addictive and come with other additional risks if wrongly used. These new drugs or substances you may come across may contain drugs that are controlled by the UK government. And you may not be sure what chemicals can be found in the drugs.

Like any illegal drug out there, the use of psychoactive substances may get out of control, and the long term effects can be serious. Keep in mind that different types of legal highs out there are still restricted in the country.

You could face consequences if caught with them or using them. The only harsh reality is that there is a high demand and presence of psychoactive substances. You are probably wondering whether the presence of legal highs will be completely eradicated from the society.


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