In Your House 1 1995

The first In Your House PPV kicks off with Bret Hart against Hakushi. Bret takes the win but is still attacked afterwards by Hakushi who injures his knee.
The next match is between Razor Ramon in a handicap match against Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie. This is the Roadie’s first PPV match which should be against Razor Ramon and 123 Kid, but the 123 Kid is injured. Razor Ramon still wins the match but is attacked by Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie until a stranger makes the rescue. The stranger is revealed as Razor Ramons friend, Savio Vega (who previously played Kwang).
The next match is a short match between the newly turned heel Mabel (with Mo from Men on a Mission) against Adam Bomb. Mabel defeats Adam Bomb quickly, with the view of pushing Mabel to win the King of the Ring 1995.
Tag Team champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna defend their titles against the Smoking Gunns who were not in the previous tag team tournament. However, Billy and Bart Gunn are both defeated by Owen and Yokozuna.
The next match is Jerry Lawler against Bret Hart. Bret Hart agreed to sign to two matches in the PPV. Hence, Jerry Lawler was hoping that Bret’s injured knee from Hakushi would give him an advantage. Jerry Lawler dedicates the match to his “fake” mum in the ring before the match. Bret Hart appears showing he had faked his knee injury just like Lawler had down in the Summerslam 1993. However, Bret still loses the match when Hakushi re-appears and attacks Bret whilst the referee is distracted by his manager, Shinja.
The final match is for the WWE Championship between champion Diesel against a contender, Psyho Sid. Towards the end, Tatanka attacks Diesel to save Sid causing a disqualification victory for Diesel. Whilst Sid, Tatanka and the Million Dollar Man continue their attack, Bam Bam Bigelow appears to save Diesel – thus setting up the showdown for the next PPV, King of the Ring 1995.
There were some dark matches on the card which were not televised, including, Jean-Pierre Lafitte who defeated Bob Holly, Undertaker defeating the Kama, Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka, and a King of the Ring qualifying match between the British Bulldog and Owen Hart ended in a draw.

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