In Your House 10 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Mr Perfect
Savio v Bradshaw – same finish to Caribbean match as Steve Austin. sandman and Tommy dreamer interfere in the match from the crowd. Vince McMahon claims they are trying to attract attention using the WWF.
Brian Pillman promo with Steve Austin with 3:16 jacket and full goatee and with Owen Hart speaking against Hitman
Jose Lothario versus Jim Cornette
Owen and Bulldog become tag champions – a hint of conflict between Billy and Bart
mark henry defeated Jerry Lawler
undertaker meets Goldust again in their 3rd PPV encounter since in your house 9. no mankind appears considering he is in the main event. undertaker does take a little bit of a beating from Goldust but in the end, finished him with a tombstone.
Shawn versus mankind in a fantastic match which showed a great side to Shawn Michaels. this cannot be defined as a brawl but a vicious assault on mankind from Shawn Michaels who was very unique in his moves. it was literally a one-sided war as Shawn went all out and dominated mankind anyway possible. the whole ringside was left in the carnage. Vader shows up causing a disqualification but psycho sid appears, before the grand finale at the end where undertaker comes out of the coffin at ringside – highly recommended viewing and one of Shawns best matches without a doubt.
Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon

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