In Your House 11 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross – although Jim Ross left after a few matches as his headset was not working and he blamed Vince McMahon for this.
SCSA defeats HHH – two of the greatest as newcomers in a great match. Steve Austin finishes with a stunner. Amazing to watch them before they hit superstardom later as their characters had evolved from their debut.
Owen hart and bulldog tag champs against smoking Gunns with sunny watching from backstage and applauding win from bulldog and Owen. billy once again makes an error causing their team to lose. Bart and billy both argue all the way back out.
marc mero and Goldust in a good match. marc mero does put in a good performance as he typically has done since his debut. he takes the win after Mr perfect causes a slight distraction to Goldust. perfect then raises the hand of mero and sable after their win.

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