In Your House 12 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
The show kicks off with Flash Funk against Leif Cassidy – who formerly tagged with Marty Janerry as the New Rockers. Flash Funk once again enters with his Funkettes, whereas Leif Cassidy enters with his New Rockers outfit on. The match is below average despite the crowd being a little into the Flash Funk gimmick. Flash, however, picks up the win.
The second match is for the tag team championship, with champions British Bulldog & Owen Hart, managed by Clarence Mason, taking on the team of fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel. The match picks up the pace towards the end, and the Bulldog gets the win for his team, although, he actually pins Razor Ramon who is the illegal man at the time. During the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin interferes and gets into a fight with the British Bulldog who pummels Steve Austin. However, Steve Austin returns at the end and attacks Bulldog whilst he is celebrating and injuring his knee. Mexican Lucha libre luchadors Pierroth and Cibern├ętico also appeared at ringside during the match, to signal the relationship between the WWE and AAA.
Next up is Ahmed Johnson, who is interviewed by Vince McMahon in the ring. Ahmed discusses returning to the ring to get vengeance on Faarooq, the leader of the Nation of Domination which includes his first recruit Crush. During the interview, the whole Nation of Domination interrupts from the crowd stands, and raise their arm in their signature Nation of Domination pose.
The next match is for the Intercontinental title, as champion Triple H takes on challenger Marc Mero, managed by Sable. Their feud began before Wrestlemania when Triple H attacked his escort Sable, which brought in Marc Mero to defend her. Since then Marc Mero became the Intercontinental champion and Mr Perfect came into the picture at the In Your House 11 PPV to join Mero. However, this was a plot by Hunter Hearst Helmsley as he used Mr Perfect to gain Mero’s trust and when the opportunity came, Mr Perfect hit Marc Mero with a steel chair, allowing Hunter to win the title from Mero. Hunter Hearst Helmsley then attacked Mr Perfect now that he had got what he wanted. The match between the two superstars is good, and it Marc Mero who wins by count-out and although he walks away with the title, Triple H is still the Intercontinental champion.
The Undertaker takes on The Executioner in the next match with Armageddon rules. Paul Bearer is at ringside as the manager of the Executioner. The Undertaker had changed his outfit and appearance since Survivor Series 1996 known as the Lord of Darkness and again he has the same look. This particular Undertaker gimmick allowed him to be quicker and fight at a quicker pace than the previous old Undertaker gimmick. Mankind does interfere in the match, however, Undertaker fights both Mankind and the Executioner down the aisle, and actually destroys the In Your House entrance during the battle. Mankind is later put into a straitjacket by a security team brought in by WWE President, Gorilla Monsoon. This allows Undertaker to finish off the Executioner with a tombstone to get the victory.
The main event of In Your House 12 is WWE Champion Psycho Sid defending his title against challenger Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels comes down for commentary which annoys Bret Hart prior to the match. During the match Steve Austin appears and chop blocks Bret outside the ring, however, the British Bulldog and Owen Hart come to fight Steve Austin away from the match. Towards the end, Sid and Bret fall outside the ring, and Sid pushes Shawn Michaels. Once Shawn gets up he jumps onto the ring apron, however, during this time Sid throws Bret into the rope who collides against Shawn. This allows Sid to grab Bret and hit him with a powerbomb to take the win. Bret attacks Shawn after the match.

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