In Your House 13 1997

Commentary Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross (first time they do PPV commentary together)
The show kicks off with somewhat of a below-average match between Leif Cassidy who is still wearing his New Rockers outfit for some reason, against Marc Mero, managed by Sable. Marc Mero picks up the win after Leif keeps breaking his focus by occupying himself with Sable at ringside.
The next match is a 6 man tag match between Bart Gunn, Flash Funk, and Goldust, managed by Marlena, to take on the Nation of Domination members of Faarooq, Crush and their newest recruit Savio Vega. Goldust had a score to settle with Crush and Savio after Savio attacked him in his match with Crush. Whereas Bart Gunn had a score to settle with Faarooq after he was attacked by Nation of Domination members outside the ring during his match with Faarooq. The match is competitive and towards the end, Bart Gunn covers Faarooq for the pin, however, with the referee distracted Crush attacks Bart Gunn and reverses the pin for Faarooq.
The third match is between Triple H against the new intercontinental champion, Rocky Maivia. Rocky had recently won the title from Triple H, hence, the reason for this match. It is great to see both superstars especially considering how 4 years later they had grown in physical size. Rocky once again picks the win to retain his Intercontinental title, when Goldust distracts Triple H outside the ring. After the match, Marlena is attacked by a so-called member of the audience. This is actually Chyna who makes her WWE PPV debut.
The next match has tag team champions Owen Hart and The British Bulldog, managed by Clarence Mason, taking on Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon. During the match, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog begin to argue, each of them makes an accidental mistake hitting the other member causing them to react in anger. British Bulldog flattens Owen with a clothesline, which allows Phil LaFon to go for the pin, however, the Bulldog then saves Owen. The number of pinfall breaks up causes a lot of chaos, as both teams are desperate to win. Bulldog is about to do his running power slam, but Owen his Phil Lafon with his Slammy award causing a disqualification for the team. The two argue with Clarence in between them both. The Bulldog refusing to accept Owen’s justification for using the Slammy award. Reluctantly though all three walk out together.
The main event of the In Your House 13 PPV is a four-way elimination match between the final four contenders of the Royal Rumble 1997. Vader, managed by Paul Bearer, Stonecold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Bret Hart all go against one another where the rules to eliminate your opponent is to either throw them over the top, pin them or make them submit. All four end up brawling with one another with Vader having the most brutal battles against each opponent. Vaders face is covered in blood from the beginning, courtesy of the Undertaker. Austin is the first to be eliminated by Bret Hart after he is thrown over the top. Whilst Vader and Bret Hart battle, the Undertaker is hit over the head with the urn by Paul Bearer. Bret traps Vader in the sharpshooter, but the Undertaker returns and breaks the submission hold for some reason. Austin then appears and begins to assault Bret at ringside. Meanwhile, Vader attempts to splash the Undertaker, who sits up in time and low blows Vader causing him to fall over the top rope whilst climbed up on the turnbuckle. The Undertaker and Bret attempt to go one on one, but Austin returns on the ring apron whilst Undertaker has Bret picked up for the tombstone, causing him to break the move. Austin continues to distract both Bret and the Undertaker until the Undertaker strikes Austin, but as he turns around, he is immediately clotheslined over the top rope by Bret Hart who wins the WWE Championship for the fourth time. Psycho Sid then enters the ring to confront Bret as they have a match the next night on Raw.

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