In Your House 14 1997

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross
The show kicks off with a tag team match, with the Legion of Doom who made their WWE PPV return at Wrestlemania 13 challenging, the tag team champions Owen Hart and British Bulldog, who also holds the European title. The match is good to watch with four talented superstars. It is impressive to see the British Bulldog deliver a vertical suplex on Hawk. Legion of Doom do dominate the match and eventually pin the British Bulldog to win the titles. However, the referee realises that British Bulldog was the illegal man at the time of the pinfall, and orders the match to restart. Legion of Doom then hit their Doomsday Device finishing move, but Bret runs into the ring and breaks the fall causing a disqualification. More importantly, however, Bret helps Owen Hart and The British Bulldog retain their tag team titles.
The next match is between Intercontinental champion Rocky Maivia defending his title against Savio Vega, alongside the Nation of Domination. Faarooq however, arrives after the Nation of Domination, with a cast on his arm and takes a seat on commentary borrowing Jim Ross’s headset. D’Lo Brown distracts the referee when Rocky Maivia has Savio Vega pinned. It is a competitive match between the two, and Rocky Maivia also does a Rock Bottom before it was known as a Rock Bottom on Savio but on this occasion, he is not successful with the follow-up pin. Savio Vega throws Rocky Maivia out who lands on Crush. Crush in anger then retaliates and hits Rock with a heart punch knocking him down for the count-out. This costs Savio the title despite the win, and Savio and Crush exchange words in anger. The Nation of Domination then breaks the argument up and they throw Rocky Maivia into the ring and all of them beat him up. Faarooq then whips Rocky with his belt until Ahmed Johnson rushes into the ring with a 2 x 4 to save the Rock. Ahmed Johnson also accepts the challenge to face Savio Vega, Crush, and Faarooq on the same night at the next PPV In Your House 15. Ahmed Johnson also calls Savio Vega an illegal immigrant, Crush a convict and threatens to beat Faarooqs black ass.
The next match is between Jesse James formerly known as Roadie and later known as the Road Dogg who takes on his future partner Bad Ass Billy Gunn when he is known as Rockabye Billy. Formerly Billy Gunn has changed his gimmick to Rockabye Billy after he is introduced by his new manager the Honky Tonk Man. The match between the two is actually quite good with Jesse James dominating Billy Gunn with some great moves. Jesse James then also takes the win over Rockabye Billy.
Due to Steve Austin being allowed to heal a little longer by Gorilla Monsoon, his match was moved to the end of the night. Hence, the next match was for the WWE championship, with the current titleholder, The Undertaker squaring off against Mankind, managed by Paul Bearer. Prior to the match, the Undertaker has been attacked by a fireball by Mankind which caused a burn around his right eye which was bandaged during the match. The Undertaker began the match with aggressive offence until Mankind retaliated by hitting The Undertaker on the back with the urn followed by smashing a glass jug from the commentary table over his head. The referee was then knocked out to the floor and when a new referee entered, Mankind took him down with the mandible claw. Paul Bearer then threw in a steel chair, and Mankind brought in the steel steps. The Undertaker, however, prevented the attack and ripped off Mankinds mask. The Undertaker then hits Mankind with the steep stairs which launch Mankind off the ring apron and onto the commentary table. Surprisingly, the way Mankind lands, his head actually gets buried inside the table. The Undertaker then chokeslams Mankind but Mankind shockingly kicks out of the follow-up pin. However, the Undertaker then delivers the tombstone to pick up the win and retain his title. The Undertaker then attacks Paul Bearer and then shoots a fireball into Paul Bearer’s face.
The final match of the night is between 1996 King of the Ring winner Stonecold Steve Austin and 1993 King of the Ring winner Bret Hart following their amazing Wrestlemania 13 match. Owen Hart and The British Bulldog also make the way down to the ring but are told to go back by Gorilla Monsoon. Steve Austin begins off with his offence, but then Bret Hart dropkicks him into the referee to the get the advantage and injure Steve Austin’s knee with punishing moves. During the commentary, Jerry Lawler also throws in a hello to Princess Diana. Eventually, Steve Austin attempts a piledriver on Bret Hart, but due to the damage caused by Bret, his knee buckles. Bret Hart then takes further advantage, but somehow Steve Austin gets the sharpshooter on Bret Hart. Owen Hart and British Bulldog rush to the ring causing Steve Austin to break the hold. Steve Austin the reapplies the sharpshooter on Bret Hart but the British Bulldog hits Steve Austin with a steel chair causing a disqualification. The move is similar to how Bret Hart saved the British Bulldog and Owen Hart earlier the night by interfering in their match to prevent them from losing their tag team titles. Bret Hart tries to attack Steve Austin with a chair but Steve Austin hits Bret with it instead and gets him in the sharpshooter for the third time. Owen Hart and The British Bulldog return as Austin lets go and walks away in victory.

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