In Your House 16

Commentary by Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
The first match of In Your House 16 is a repeat match from the previous PPV, King of the Ring, with Mankind facing Triple H, managed by Chyna. Once again Mankind has the mandible claw on Triple H. However, with the referee stood outside watching triple h, Chyna hits mankind over the head to break the move which the referee doesn’t see. The match is a brawl once again between the two superstars with Mankind as always suffering a lot of punishment. Mankind later tries to hit Triple H with a chair but Chyna pulls it away. With the referee distracted by Chyna, Triple H hits Mankind with the chair. When the referee turns his attention to Triple H to prevent a second chair attack, Chyna floors Mankind with a clothesline. Later on, Chyna then pulls Mankind’s legs hitting him into the ring post. Triple H then attacks Mankind outside the ring and throw the crowd, which causes both superstars to be counted out. Chyna joins in the action to also attack Mankind. The action between the two continues to interrupt the beginning of the next match and ends up outside in the parking lot later on.
The next match is between The Great Sasuke taking on Taka Michinoku. Both superstars make their debut, however, it is Taka Michinoku who of course begins his career with the WWE. The action is a little slow and quiet to start with until The Great Sasuke strikes with a flying reverse kick on Taka Michinoku. Following that, both superstars deliver a series of high flying moves and striking kicks and hits to engage the previously quiet crowd. At the end, The Great Sasuke defeated Taka Michinoku with a bridge suplex.
Following their confrontation at the previous King of the Ring PPV, the next match was meant to be between the Undertaker against Ahmed Johnson. However, after suffering a knee injury during Raw, Ahmed Johnson is replaced by Vader. This time Paul Bearer has revealed the secret of the Undertaker supposedly murdering his family, and is the manager of Vader.

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