In Your House 3 1995

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
The 3rd In Your House PPV from 1995 kicks off with Savio Vega against Waylon Mercy who made his first WWE PPV debut. Savio was on a roll with the company in his first few months, hence, not only why he opened the show, but also took the win in this match.
The next match is a new feud between Psycho Sid and Henry Godwinn, after Godwinn threw his slop on Sid a few days earlier. Sid dominated Godwinn throughout the match and takes the win until Bam Bam interferes and attacks Sid.
The next match is the British Bulldog, after his split with Lex Luger who left the company. He faces Bam Bam Bigelow, and takes the win in a competitive match.
Following on from their short clash at Summerslam 1995, Razor Ramon takes on Dean Douglas with Bob Backlund in his corner. When the referee is knocked down, the 123 Kid arrives and counts when Razor pins Dean Douglas. However, Razor is not happy when he realises and shoves the kid out allowing Dean to steal the win. After the match, there is a confrontation between Razor and the 123 Kid.
The next match is between Bret Hart and Jean Pierre Lafitte. It is a brutal battle between the two competitors but as expected Bret Hart takes the win. Credit to Bret Hart yet again he brings the best out of his opponents and this is surprisingly a good match. Credit to Jean Pierre who does a flying somersault over the top rope and lands flat on his back on the concrete floor.
The main event has all titles on the line, as WWE champion Diesel tags with Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels (also known as two dudes with attitudes) and they face the tag team champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart. Although there is a change when Owen Hart is replaced by the British Bulldog. Owen Hart shows up and gets pinned and thus Diesel and Shawn Michaels win all 4 titles.

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