In Your House 4 1995

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
The first match kicks off with Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Fatu former headshrinker now turned into some “cool dude”. Hunter picks up the win and is a little strange to see Fatus new transformation. Henry Godwinn shows after the match chasing Hunter away with a bucket of slop.
The second match is a tag team match between the tag champions Smoking Gunns (with their new shorter haircuts) and Razor Ramon and the 123 Kid. The match is unexpectedly really good. The Smoking Gunns initially out wrestle their opponents thus forcing Razor and 123 Kid to begin to cheat. It’s good to see 123 Kid inject more attitude in his character and the ending has Razor perform the razor’s edge on Billy but then 123 Kid asks for the tag. This results in the 123 kid being pinned and after shoving Razor to leave the ring, the 123 Kids beats up Billy and Bart Gunn and takes the tag titles. Razor however returns and calms the 123 Kid down and returns the titles respectfully to The Smoking Gunns.
The next match is Goldust’s WWE PPV debut against Shawn Michaels former Rockers partner, Marty Janetty. As expected, Marty Janetty was not going to see his career take off, hence, Goldust took the win.
Battle of the 2 heaviest superstars in WWE was next, with Yokozuna against King Mabel. The match was as slow as it was ended in a double count-out. After the match, both Mabel and Yokozuna thought it was a good idea to have a hug.
Next up, as a decision made from Gorilla Monsoon, who made Shawn Michaels forfeit the Intercontinental championship, it is then awarded to Dean Douglas, who has to defend it on the night against Razor Ramon. By this time, the plan was now in motion to allow Shawn Michaels to become a contender for the world championship, hence In Your House 4 1995 was crucially the beginning of Shawns journey to his first WWE title. As to why it was awarded to Dean is simple, as Razor Ramon snatches the Intercontinental title in his first defence. Hence, Razor was successful in his second title shot at the In Your House 1995 PPV. Razor Ramon begins the first man in WWE history to become the fourth time Intercontinental champion.
The main event of the In Your House 4 1995 PPV is the WWE Championship match, with challenger British Bulldog taking his opportunity against the champion Diesel.
This was the second crucial part of the Wrestlemania 12 plan, that allowed Bret to the winner of this WWE title match, and thus set up a future Wrestlemania match against Shawn Michaels. Towards the end, Bulldog takes a shot at Bret who then gets involved and beats up Bulldog, who wins by Disqualification, however, Diesel still retains his title. Diesel and Bret trade blows ahead of their match at Survivor Series 1995.

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