In Your House 5 1995

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
The show kicks off with Psycho Sid and the 123 Kid, aka Sid and the kid managed by the Million Dollar Man facing Razor Ramon and Marty Janetty. Marty is included as Sid attacked him at Survivor Series 1995 to allow the 123 Kid to beat him. Surprisingly Razor Ramon pins Psycho Sid to get his revenge and take the win for his team.
The next match is between Ahmed Johnson against Ric Flair lookalike, Buddy Landel who was chosen by Dean Douglas. The match is short with Ahmed Johnson picking up the victory.
The next match is a Hog Pen match, where the winner is decided by throwing their opponent into a Hog Pen. As expected Henry O Godwinn is in this bout as he takes on Hunter Hearst Helmsley with Hillbilly Jim as the special guest referee. Unexpectedly Hunter takes the victory over Godwinn, despite it being Godwinn’s gimmick match.
Diesel then takes on Owen Hart. After dominating Owen Hart throughout the match, Diesel pushes the referee thus disqualifying himself. Owen takes the win but is left lying on his back, whereas Diesel indicates that he is after the WWE title.
The next match is between King Mabel against The Undertaker in a casket match. The Undertaker is fine in his performance, but once again Mabel is not that good to watch. Fortunately, the Undertaker does win, which indicates the end of Mabel’s King of the Ring run. The Undertaker also plants Mo inside the casket with Mabel, and retrieves the gold chain that was previously his urn. After the match, The Undertaker then gestures to the audience that he wants the world title.
The main event of In Your House 1995 has Bret Hart take on the British Bulldog managed by Jim Cornette and his wife Diana Hart Smith by his side. This is a sequel to their great Summerslam 1992 match, except the differences, are this time it is for the WWE championship and not for the Intercontinental title. Plus where Diana was in the middle between her brother Bret and husband Davey Boy Smith, this time she is only on the side of the British Bulldog. The match is decent but not up to the level of their Summerslam 1992 match, and this time Bret Hart takes the victory over the British Bulldog to retain his WWE Championship.

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