In Your House 6 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
The show kicks off with a content warning from Sunny in a bikini on the beach, thus confirming that WWE was about to change their target audience.
The first In Your House PPV of 1996 begins with a match between Razor Ramon and the 123 Kid managed by Ted Dibiase, who continue their feud from the previous PPV of Royal Rumble 1996. The 123 Kid again is impressive with his moves but unfortunately loses against Razor Ramon. To add insult to injury, Razor then ties a nappy on the 123 Kid and pours powder all over his face and body, and leaves him with a large milk bottle.
The next match is between Duke the Dumpster Droese against Hunter Hearst Helmsley who is accompanied by Adult pornstar Elizabeth Hilden who takes her seat on commentary for the match. Hunter picks up the victory, showing that WWE was trying to build up the momentum for Triple H in early 1996.
Yokozuna takes on the British Bulldog next, who is managed by Jim Cornette (the former manager of Yokozuna). This is a short match and Yokozuna defeats the British Bulldog when Jim Cornette attacks Yokozuna from behind with his tennis racquet. Vader then appears when Yokozuna grabs Jim Cornette and attacks Yokozuna along with the British Bulldog who handcuffs Yokozuna to the rope. Bulldog and Vader continue to hammer Yokozuna, despite his effort to fight back and defend himself. The attack is eventually broken up by officials.
The next match is to decide the number 1 contender for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 12 and is between Royal Rumble 1996 winner Shawn Michaels against Owen Hart. Shawn Michaels does a miniature version of his Wrestlemania 12 entrance, where he appears dancing on the rooftop of the House entrance and slides down a rope. The match is good considering the talent of both competitors. However, at this time the popularity of Shawn Michaels was growing a lot and WWE had already decided a while ago that Shawn would face Bret Hart. Hence, Shawn takes the victory against Owen Hart with his finisher Sweet Chin Music. Shawn is then shown dancing with a fan inside the ring to celebrate his victory, something which he probably never did once he’d achieved his ambition, unlike Bret who always gave his glasses away before, during and after he was WWE champion.
The main event match is for the WWE championship, with Bret Hart defending his title against Diesel.
This is a steel cage match as decided by Gorilla Monsoon at the Royal Rumble 1996 PPV to prevent any interference from the Undertaker. Although by this PPV, Rowdy Roddy Piper had become the WWE President, replacing Gorilla Monsoon temporarily who had been attacked by Vader.
The match is actually good, as it is noticeable to see that the chemistry between Bret and Diesel has improved over time. The climax of the match is when the Undertaker pulls Diesel through the ring canvas, thus allowing Bret to climb out and take the win. Diesel managers to finally escape and the show ends with the Undertaker standing on top of the steel cage.

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