In Your House 7 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
The first bout on the card is between The British Bulldog versus Jake the Snake Roberts. However, Jim Cornette who is the manager of the British Bulldog brings along Clarence Mason as their attorney to ensure that Jake Roberts is not allowed to bring his snake along with him into the ring. Jake Roberts, however still ignores this and brings his snake attacking the British Bulldog and Jim Cornette with it. Later on, Jake is told to take the snake away which he does and returns along with Ahmed Johnson instead, thus making this into a tag team match with Bulldog partnering with Owen Hart. British Bulldog steals the victory for his team when he attacks Jake Roberts with Jim Cornette’s tennis racquet.
The second match on the card is for the Intercontinental title between the challenger Ultimate Warrior and IC champion Goldust who appears with his manager Marlena and personal bodyguard who is unnamed but is actually Mike Halac who also previously played Mantaur in the WWF. The match literally never begins as Goldust is too afraid to face the Ultimate Warrior. The warrior then begins to get impatient and sits in Marlena’s director chair and smokes her cigar whilst Goldust and party continue to go back and forth from the ring. Eventually, they enter the ring and Warrior attacks Goldust’s bodyguard and Goldust is counted out, thus retaining his Intercontinental title.
The third match is between Vader managed by Jim Cornette against Razor Ramon. The match is a little slow and dull, with Vader performing a few power moves and Razor being resilient. Towards the end Razor attempts to go for the Razor’s edge which Vader reverses, although whether it is possible to do the Razor’s edge on Vader is questionable. Vader simply flattens Razor with one more splash and takes the victory. This is Razor’s last PPV match with the WWE.
The fourth match is for the tag team titles, with champions Body Donnas managed by Sunny taking on challengers The Godwinns – Henry and Phineas also known as H.O.G. and P.I.G. managed by Hillbilly Jim. Sunny distracts Phineas with a signed photo of herself which she gifts him. This allows Skip and Zip to swap inside the ring and pin Henry Godwinn. Despite causing the loss for his team, Phineas hides the photo of Sunny inside his top which Henry had thrown inside the slop bucket.
The main event match is between WWE champion Shawn Michaels taking on the challenger and ex tag partner, ex-bodyguard and friend Diesel. The match is actually really good as it is a no holds barred match, and thus Diesel gives a good performance as he attacks Shawn in every way possible. Diesel knocks out the referee and strangles and hangs Shawn with the referee’s belt. Later on, Diesel then jackknifes Shawn Michaels onto the commentary table. Diesel even stoops as low as going into the audience and attacking Mad Dog Vachon who is watching and rips off his fake leg to attack Shawn. Fortunately, Shawn prevents this and hits Diesel with Mad Dog’s fake leg before knocking him out with Sweet Chin Music and taking the win. This is probably one of Diesels best performance and matches in the WWE and was his final WWE PPV match.

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