In Your House 8 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
Part 2 commentary Jim Ross and Mr Perfect
In Your House 8 1996 kicks off with Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Marc Mero managed by Sable. Their feud started at Wrestlemania 12. The match is fairly decent but due to the Madison Square Garden incident involving Triple H literally a few days earlier, it is Marc Mero who picks up the win.
The second match is for the WWE Championship between champion Shawn Michaels defending his title against the British Bulldog. The feud between the two is escalated when the British Bulldog along with his attorney Clarence Mason accuses Shawn Michaels of making advances towards his wife Diana Smith, who is also by the side of her husband during the match. Owen Hart is also at ringside supporting his partner the British Bulldog. The chemistry between the bulldog and Shawn Michaels is good considering how many matches they have had, however, it does seem that the two of them lacked a little enthusiasm in this particular match. The feud really between them should have been a lot more intense. At the end, both competitors are counted for the pin by two referees as Shawn Michaels performs a bridge suplex on the British Bulldog but doesn’t lift his own shoulders. There is a dispute as to who wins, however, Gorilla Monsoon decides the match is a draw and that the title cannot change hands. It is a hypocritical decision by Gorilla Monsoon, who one month earlier decided to restart the Wrestlemania WWE title match which was a draw between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Therefore why Gorilla decides not to restart this match is unknown and silly.
The next match as part of the In Your House 8, Beware of the Dog Part 2, is Savio Vega against Stonecold Steve Austin, managed by Ted Dibiase. The match is a Caribbean strap match where both competitors have their wrists tied to the end of a leather strap. The winner is determined by who touches all four corner posts consecutively. Ted Dibiase has announced that if Stev Austin lost that he would leave the WWE. Both competitors had touched 3 of the corner posts, with Austin taking the lead until by accident Austin pulled Savio towards the final corner post. Thus Savio took the win and Ted Dibiase left the WWE and went over to WCW.
The next match was between Yokozuna against Vader, managed by Jim Cornette. As expected this was a slow battle between both heavyweights, with Vader taking the win, when Jim Cornette distracted Yokozuna.
The next match was The Undertaker versus Goldust, with his manager Marlena. This was a casket match, which had been painted gold, especially for Goldust. Surprisingly though, Goldust took the win when Mankind appeared from within the casket and applied the mandible claw on the Undertaker forcing him inside the casket and slamming the lid shut. A great end to the casket match. Smoke began to seep out from the casket and the Undertaker had disappeared when the lid was reopened.
Part 2 also was great with Jim Ross on commentary at a WWE PPV and it was perhaps this PPV that showed how great Jim Ross was on commentary as he then appeared at the next WWE PPV King of the ring 1996.

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