In Your House 9 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
The 9th In Your House show kicks off with a match between the Body Donnas, Skip and Zip against the WWE Tag team champions The Smoking Gunns along with their new manager Sunny, who previously managed the Body Donnas. The tag team titles are not on the line in this match. The Smoking Gunns are heavily influenced by Sunny who have a new attitude, and it is clear to see that the WWE was also heavily influenced by the presence of Sunny at ringside. Sunny once again takes the centre of attention as she fakes to faint, which distracts Skip who comes to her attention. He is attacked by the Smoking Gunns, however, once they have the upper hand, Billy Gunn and Sunny are at ringside showing off. This leaves Bart in the ring performing his teams finishing move, but with no Billy, he is double teamed and pinned. Sunny
is left furious with her team’s loss.
The next match is between Mankind and Henry Godwinn managed by Hillbilly Jim. Henry is in the singles match despite being part of a tag team with Phineas Godwinn at the time. Surprisingly, Mankind and Henry Godwinnn show a lot of speed in their match considering they are usually slower paced. Mankind takes the win with his finishing manoeuvre the mandible claw.
The next match is between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Maro Mero, managed by his real wife Sable. The match is actually good, and packed with many moves, with a quicker Steve Austin at the time. It is Steve Austin who also picks up the victory against Marc Mero after Marlena shows up as a distraction.
The Undertaker takes on Goldust, managed by Marlena in the next match. Their previous match was at In Your House 8 in a casket match where Goldust won when Mankind interfered and attacked the Undertaker. Once again history repeats itself, and Mankind appears from under the ring canvas and drags Undertaker down. Mankind then comes back up on his own, before the Undertaker appears from the other side of the ring and confronts Mankind. Although Undertaker picks up the win against Goldust via disqualification he then fights Mankind all the way backstage into the boiler room. This then sets up their next match at Summerslam 1996 as a Boiler room brawl match.
The main event of In Your House 9 is a six-man tag. Prior to this match, Gorilla Monsoon had suspended the Ultimate Warrior for a no show at a house event. This meant that his place was taken by Psycho Sid, who joins Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson to face the Camp Cornette team of Vader, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog. The match is actually good considering the talent of British Bulldog, Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels who would have been great in a triple threat match alone. British Bulldog performs a delayed vertical suplex on Sid. There is also a good sequence of reverse manoeuvres between Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. At the end though, Jim Cornette grabs Shawn Michael’s foot causing him to fall and allow Vader to perform a Vader bomb and score the win for his team. Before the PPV ends, it is announced that Vader will take on Shawn Michaels at the main event of Summerslam 1996.

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