King of the Ring 1994

The second event of KOTR where the full tournament is hosted on pay per view. The whole event is set up for 1 main storyline which is Bret versus Owen. The commentary is ruined from Gorilla and Macho is ruined by Art Donovan.
From first-round matches, the best match is between Owen Hart and Tatanka. Bam Bam versus Razor is also okay as both are talented. 123 Kid versus Jeff Jarret is short, and IRS versus Mabel as you can imagine is dull.
Diesel next challenges the champion Bret Hart for the WWF championship. The match starts off a little slow, but picks up halfway through. The Anvil costs Bret the disqualification. This is the best match on the PPV, with most of the credit going to Bret Hart.
Razor versus IRS in the first semi-final match. As expected the match is nothing special and Razor easily disposes of IRS to advance to his first KOTR final.
The second semi-final match of KOTR has 123 Kid against Owen Hart. The match is short due to 123 Kids injury from IRS, and thus he easily loses to Owen Hart.
Tag team titles on the line with Headshrinkers versus the team of Crush and Yokozuna. The only sole purpose of the match seems to further stir the hatred between Luger as he interrupts the match to distract Crush, hence allowing Headshrinkers to win.
The final KOTR match has Owen Hart against Razor. The match is a bit of a let down as both competitors are good. However, the ending is better as Jim the Anvil shows up and floors Razor allowing Owen to gain the win. The speech from Owen during his crowning is also great as he emphasises his attitude and partnership with the Anvil.
The main event between Jerry Lawler and Roddy Piper as expected was boring. Despite being in good shape, Roddy Piper still could not have a great match with Jerry Lawler who is also equally not great to watch. Piper does have a young guy by his side who was insulted by Jerry Lawler earlier. The finishing pin from Roddy is also poor, with Lawler being defeated with a weak move, sloppy cover and slow count.

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