King of the Ring 1995

Commentary Vince Mcmahon and Doc Hendrix, who was a boring combination compared to the likes of Jesse Ventura, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and Jerry Lawler.
The PPV kicks off with a match from the previous day which is a King of the Ring qualifying match between IRS and Savio Vega, the friend of Razor Ramon. Savio Vega surprising takes the victory thus making him the final entrant in the King of the Ring 1995 tournament.
The first match begins again with Savio Vega against Yokozuna. Razor Ramon is in Savio’s corner, and Owen Hart is in his tag team partner’s Yokozuna’s corner. Again, shockingly Savio Vega takes the victory as the action leads outside and Savio dodges Yokozuna running towards him, causing him to hit his head on the ring post and be counted out.
The second match of the tournament has The Roadie who is in his first singles match on PPV against Bob Spark Plugg Holly. With the face, Savio Vega winning the first match, it is a little predictable that the heel will win this match, and that is exactly what happens with Roadie progressing to the semi-final.
The third match of the tournament is between Shawn Michaels and Kama. Despite it being with Kama, Shawn with his talent has an entertaining match, and in his interview before the match does perhaps announce for the first time, Sweet chin music as his kick. The match ends with a draw.
The last quarter-final match is between the Undertaker against Mabel. The match is slow due to Mabel which makes it dull to watch. The Undertaker is usually given a difficult task of having to wrestle opponents larger than him due to his phenom character. Mabel however, takes the win when Kama interferes in the match whilst the referee is knocked out, before Mabel drops a leg drop. However, this also allows Mabel to take a bye into the final, due to the match outcome of Shawn Michaels and Kama.
The semi-final match between Savio Vega and The Roadie is next. The match is nothing special, and Savio Vega with the crowd behind him takes the victory quite easily, thus advancing him into the final to face Mabel.
The next match continues the feud between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler, with the stipulation of the loser having to kiss the winners foot. The match isn’t one of the greatest by Bret Hart considering his opponent. There is a distraction by Hakushi during the match but Bret manages to get rid of him and still win the match against Jerry Lawler with a sharpshooter. Hakushi returns once again but Bret gets rid of him again and then not only does he make Jerry kiss his foot, but he also folds Lawler’s own leg and makes him kiss his own foot – which is quite impressive seeing Jerry as flexible as a baby.
The final of the King of the Ring 1995 tournament has Savio Vega against Mabel. The match with Mabel again is slow and a little dull to watch him at the same slow pace. It is good to see Savio Vega as a new character in the final along with Razor Ramon who was at the final in the King of the Ring 1994 tournament. Considering Savio had beaten Yokozuna in the first round, it does seem like he can win the final, but unfortunately, it is Mabel who takes the win. Mabel is the second heel who becomes the King of the Ring 1995. Razor does confront Mabel at the end, but as expected to sell Mabel as a monster he flattens Razor with a leg drop and elbow drop off the ropes on his injured ribs. However, the 123 Kid then appears with a series of kicks on Mabel but he also threw down onto the canvas. The crowning ceremony has Mo reading a speech as the crowd heavily boo’s the new King of the Ring.
The main event of the King of the Ring 1995 PPV is a tag team match, with Diesel along with the recently turned face, Bam Bam Bigelow against Psycho Sid and Tatanka. The mix of talent is a little strange, and for some reason, it does not feel like a PPV main event. Bam Bam unfortunately despite his new costume, isn’t convincing as a face, although he is perhaps the most talented from all four superstars. The match is a little slow and dull as it does nothing to enhance the feud. The match is also too long which makes it worse. Psycho Dis walked out on Tatanka, allowing Diesel and Bam Bam to take the win.

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