Summerslam 1993

Razor Ramon versus Million Dollar Man kicks off the show. At this point Razor’s popularity is on its way up hence he easily wins the match which isn’t that great.
The Steiner brothers are up next against the Heavenly Bodies. Being in the their hometown the Steiners do take the win, with impressive moves as usual from a young Scott Steiner.
The next match is Shawn Michaels defending his title against Mr Perfect. The Summerslam 1993 PPV is the debut of Diesel as Shawn Michael’s bodyguard who allows Shawn to get the win by attacking Mr Perfect outside the ring forcing a count out.
The fourth member of the Kliq, the 123 kid also debuts in his first PPV. He goes up against IRS and takes a loss, due to him establishing his career in the WWF.
The next match is between Jerry Lawler against Bret Hart, however Lawler fakes an injury and appoints Doink as his replacement. During the Bret versus Doink match, Lawler’s lie is revealed and he is ordered to fight Bret. The match isn’t great despite Bret’s efforts in all his matches and despite Lawler submitting, the decision is reversed when Bret refuses to let go of the Sharpshooter. Bret is also joined by Owen and Bruce at the match.
A good promo from Ludvig Borga is shown before his match against Marty Janetty. Ludvig’s debut is good as a heel and he demolishes Janetty whilst throwing him up in the air and uppercutting him in the ribs on the way down. RIP Janetty.
The Undertaker versus Giant Gonzalez is up next, with a feud beginning from Wrestlemania 9. The Undertaker wins in a horrible gimmick match and the Giant Gonzalez trashes his manager Harvey Wippleman.
A 6 man tag between The SMoking Gunns & Tatanka versus Bam Bam Bigelow and the Headshrinkers should have been good with the range of talent, but unfortunately it isn’t up to expectations. The former team score the win.
Finally, the main event with Lex Luger arriving after his Lex Express tour to face the WWF champion Yokozuna. The crowd are of course rallied up and behind Luger, but the match is a let down and Luger only wins via countout.


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