Summerslam 1994

Commentary by Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
The first announcement during the pre-show is that the tag team of Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Big Daddy Cool Diesel won the tag team titles from the Headshrinkers the night before.
First tag team match between Headshrinkers & IRS and Bam Bam Bigelow who are now part of the Million Dolar Man’s Million Dollar Team. The match isn’t anything great although it is good to watch the effort from Bam Bam Bigelow.
Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nikano is the second match. Bull Nakano is brought into the WWF by Luna Vachon. Bull Nakano dominates Alundra Blayze with her brute strength and shows off a great submission manoeuvre. It’s a shame that Alundra steals the win and retains her Women’s championship.
The next match is for the Intercontinental title, with champion Diesel vs challenger Razor Ramon. Shawn Michaels is obviously in Diesel’s corner, and Razor Ramon has Chicago Bears, Walter Payton in his corner. The two future members of NWO collide, which is boring, despite Razor’s effort at least. Fortunately, Shawn makes it interesting and it finishes with sweet chin music on Diesel by accident, causing a rift between them.
A battle of the Americans is next with all American Lex Luger vs Native American Tatanka. The build-up story to this is great, as Tatanka accuses Luger of selling out to the Million Dollar Man. The match is poor, but this is one of the best backstabbing storylines, as it is revealed that Tatanka is the one who sold out. The whole crowd is shocked as Tatanka finishes the match with a good beating to Luger and hugs the Million Dollar Man, thus joining his Million Dollar Corporation.
The next match is between Double J, aka Jeff Jarrett against Men of a mission half Mabel. Interestingly, Jarret manages to have a decent match with Mabel and takes the victory with a pinfall.
The brother vs brother feud between Bret Hart and Owen Hart reaches a steel cage match. Both brothers put up a bitter battle against one another, although the fact that the steel cage has a door ruins the theory of a steel cage. The Anvil and Bulldog are at ringside for support and to further fuel the rivalry by creating a family divide. As throughout all 1994 PPV’s Bret Hart always has the longest match on the card which shows how much Vince and WWE trusted his talent. Bret takes the victory over his brother Owen.
Finally, the main event is Undertaker managed by Ted Dibiase versus THE Undertaker managed by Paul Bearer. The real Undertaker returns since Royal Rumble 1994. There is a visual difference between the two, although Brian Lee playing the fraud Undertaker does his best to imitate the original character in mannerisms and moves. As expected, the original Undertaker wins the match and thus proving that money cannot buy everything.

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