Summerslam 1995

commentary Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler
The PPV kicks off with 123 Kid in his second PPV opening match against Hakushi. The match as expected is good with both competitors showing their high flying skills. Hakushi, in particular, impresses in this match and scores the win against the 123 Kid.
The second match has Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka Triple H making his first WWE PPV debut, hence a moment in history. Hunter takes on Bob Holly in a good match surprisingly. Hunter delivers a devastating whiplash on Bob Holly and then catches him in the Pedigree finisher to win the match. A good PPV debut from Triple H.
The next match is a tag team match between Jacob and Eli Blu versus the Smoking Gunns. Uncle Zebekiah aka Zeb Colter manages the Blu brothers who were also 8-Ball and Skullz from Disciples of Apocalypse. Billy and Bart Gunn take the win
Another WWE PPV debut is made by the Bodydonnas, Skip alongside Sunny who faces Barry Horrowitz, the infamous 90’s WWE jobber. After scoring an upset against Skip recently, Barry manages to score another upset when Hakushi distracts Skip at the end.
Bertha Faye with manager Harvey Wippleman takes on women’s champion Alundra Blayze. Bertha Faye was impressively quick despite her size and she dominates ALundra Blayze in the match to win the Women’s championship.
The Undertaker finally faces Kama in a casket match, with this feud actually beginning at Wrestlemania 11 when Kama stole the Undertakers urn. Undertaker gains the win and puts Kama into the casket.
Back to back, the Undertaker’s brother of destruction Kane debuts in his first WWE PPV as Issac Yankem DDS. Introduced by Jerry Lawler to face Bret Hart. A great battle between the Bret Hart and Kane, and perhaps the best debut of Summerslam 1995. Isaac Yankem shows his ability, mainly due to the fact that Bret Hart brings the best out of his opponents. Bret Hart wins by disqualification as Jerry Lawler interferes and along with Isaac Yankem strangle Bret on the top rope.
The next match is the sequel to the Intercontinental title ladder match from Wrestlemania 10, as Shawn Michaels defends the title against Razor Ramon. The match is great between both competitors and results in many devastating moves suffered by both. Shawn Michaels takes a lot of bumps, yet his resilience sees him through as he retains his title. It did seem that by this point, the plans were to continue building the momentum and popularity for Shawn Michaels, hence the outcome. The finish is slightly botched by Shawn Michaels who is unable to pull the title at his first attempt. However, the end shows both shaking hands and Razor raising Shawns arm.
Mabel finally gets his main event push since winning the king of the ring 1995 and challenges Diesel for the world championship. The match is slow as expected and Lex Luger rushes into the ring and for some reason despite wanting to help Diesel when he is being double teamed by Mabel and Mo, he ends up getting knocked outside to the ring by him. When Luger is back up he gets rid of Mo from ringside, thus allowing Diesel to beat Mabel.

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