Summerslam 1996

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Mr Perfect
Summerslam 1996 kicks off with Slammy award winner Owen Hart against Savio Vega. Owen Hart still has his cast on his arm due to a broken wrist injury he has been faking for a while. At the end of the match he takes off the cast to knock Savio out whilst blocking the referee’s vision and then trapping Savio in the sharpshooter. The popularity of Savio Vega had slipped a little since Razor’s departure, hence Owen Hart despite being the better wrestler anyhow takes the win. Owen Hart’s manager Jim Cornette is absent from ringside, as he is backstage helping Vader prepare for his main event match against Shawn Michaels. However, Clarence Mason does appear during the match without Jim Cornette’s knowledge causing suspicion that he is trying to take over Jim Cornette’s talent.
The next match is a fatal four-way tag team match, with the tag team champions Smoking Gunns defending their titles against the New Rockers – Marty Janetty and Leif Cassidy, The Body Donnas – Skip and Zip, and The Godwinns – Henry and Phineas managed by Hillbilly Jim. The Smoking Gunns, of course, have their manager Sunny in their corner. The first team to be eliminated are the Body Donnas by the Godwinns. Although Skip does not enter the ring due to a neck injury he has at the time. The second team eliminated are the New Rockers, again by the Godwinns. The Smoking Gunns pick up the win at the end defeating the Godwinns.]
The next match is between Psycho Sid against the British Bulldog. Once again Jim Cornette is absent from ringside, whilst Clarence Mason appears again. However, later on in the match, Jim Cornette does appear to confront Clarence Mason’s intentions which causes a distraction for the British Bulldog. Sid who has a lot of support from the crowd during the match then scores the win with a powerbomb.
The next match is between Goldust, managed by Marlena against Marc Mero, managed by Sable. Goldust once again slows down the pace as always with his theatrics and then Mankind also shows up scaring Sable at ringside. Goldust picks up the victory and then goes for Sable, scaring her as he grabs her. Marc Mero recovers in time to defend Sable and throw Goldust out of the ring.
Farooq with his new manager Sunny cuts a promo in the ring, regarding Ahmed Johnson’s kidney injury which caused him to forfeit the Intercontinental title.
For the next match between Jake the Snake Roberts against Jerry Lawler, Mark Henry arrives for guest commentary. Jerry Lawler taunts Jake Roberts about his alcohol issues, and even presents Jake with a large bottle of champagne. Jake attacks Lawler with his snake, causing Jerry to flee the ring. Jerry however then attacks Jake by hitting him with an alcohol bottle and scoring the pin. When Lawler attempts to attack Jake again, Mark Henry gets up from commentary to rescue Jake Roberts.
Dreadfully, the next match is The Undertaker versus Mankind in a boiler room brawl. Why there is no commentary during this match is strange. It definitely needs commentary as there is no audience and the only thing you can hear is a mind-numbing sound of the boilers along with Mankind growling. There also seems to be a lack of thought behind this match, as both competitors are only trying to find objects to pick up but it seems too much of a desperate attempt to enhance action which fails. The boiler room was not the ideal pick to have a brutal war unfortunately and the match continues for a very long time.

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