Summerslam 1997

Third consecutive PPV match between Mankind against Triple H, managed by Chyna. This time however it is a steel cage match to of course prevents Chyna from interfering.
Chyna chokes mankind through the cage, triple h suplexes mankind from the top of the cage. mankind defeats triple h though by escaping out of the cage.
Pillman vs Goldust managed by Marlena – if Pillman loses he needs to wear a gold dress. the feud is about Pillman’s obsession with Marlena and he does chase her around the ring at one point. Goldust also gives Pillman a kiss and Marlena blows cigar smoke in Tillmans’s face. Goldust attempts a sunset flip from the ring apron but is unable to pull down Pillman. Pillman instead resists the move and leans down to pin Goldust but Marlena hits him in his face with her purse, which allows Goldust to successfully complete the sunset flip for the victory.
legion of doom vs Godwin’s both 4 superstars not known for their technical expertise display simply uses their power against one another. henry is intending on breaking hawks neck, however, it is henry who suffers a spike piledriver from hawk to allow lod to pick up the victory.
shamrock vs bulldog after bulldog previously rubbed dog food over shamrocks face. despite bulldog defending his European championship against shamrock, the loser would also have to supposedly eat the dog food. outside the ring bulldog once again throws dog food on shamrocks face which causes him to snap and then choke out bulldog in the ring. this was officially the moment that shamrock ‘snapped’ to further sell his worlds most dangerous man gimmick. shamrock kept the chokehold on bulldog for a long time despite the bell rings and officials trying to pull him off. shamrock then belly to belly suplex a number of officials and screams loudly showing that he is the worlds most dangerous man.
gang warfare between the newly formed Los Boricuas by Savio Vega goes against the newly formed Disciples of Apocalypse formed by Crush. (Jesús Castillo, José Estrada Jr., Miguel Pérez Jr. and Savio Vega) defeated The Disciples of Apocalypse (8-Ball, Chainz, Crush and Skull). Los Boricuas come with baseball bats and the doa come on Harley Davidson. Both vega and crush fired by Farooq from the nation of domination. doa rush the ring to clear out the Los Boricuas. the atmosphere tenses up more when the nation of domination shows up through the crowd to come down to ringside. Farooq, kama, Dlotbrown and Ahmed johnson. chants of Ahmed sucks from the crowd. Ahmed johnson does pearl river plunge on Chainz which allows Perez to pin him. brawl breaks outside between Nof and doa Whilstlos Boricuas walk away. crush rides his bike trying to break up the fight before leaving.
after his match with Bret at Wrestlemania 13, Austin takes on his brother Owen Hart at Summerslam 1997. Owen bragging about pinning steve Austin at the last PPV in your house Canadian stampede. the intercontinental title is on the line by champion Owen hart against Steve Austin. still yet carrying his 2 Slammy awards. Steve Austin states if he loses that he will kiss Owen harts ass. Owen attacks Austin immediately. similar to any battle during the feud of Austin vs hart, this is also a brawl match. Owen does walkout in an attempt to get counted out but Austin runs out and brings him back. both the commentary and Owen begin to target Austin’s neck which leads to the tragic moment where Owen attempts a piledriver on Austin. during the piledriver move, Austin’s neck is vulnerable and Austin’s head hits the mat causing his neck injury. the after effects caused steve Austin unable to move at all laying on the mat with a temporary paralysis from his neck down. Owen clearly concerned but continuing his act turns his attention to the crowd whilst the referee tries to bring Austin back round. miraculously Austin does slowly get up and Owen literally allows him to be pinned from behind by Austin. Austin clearly still suffering wins the intercontinental championship and is assisted back by referees to the back.
Bret vs Taker – at the peak where the storyline of hart hates America and America hates their hero at one time. if hart, therefore, loses he cannot wrestle in America again. with Shawn Michaels as the special referee, if he is biased towards the undertaker then he cannot also wrestle in America again. Bret attacks taker whilst he is taking off his coat. Shawn tries to maintain control as the action spills to ringside, however, both Bret and undertaker don’t take any notice. the match goes back and forth with both men dishing out and taking a lot of punishment. Owen and Pillman do show up at ringside but later leave after undertaker attacks them. Bret applies the sharpshooter after a suplex from the top rope on the undertaker. however, undertaker breaks himself free and tries to go for a tombstone which Bret breaks out of. Bret then does a sharpshooter with undertakers legs around the ring post which undertaker kicks out of pushing Bret into Shawn Michaels. with Shawn temporarily out, Bret walks into the ring and hits Undertaker with the chair. however, when Shawn recovers and counts the pin, undertaker kicks out. Shawn then spots the chair in the ring and confronts Bret. Shawn angry at Bret confronts him, but Bret spits in Shawn’s face causing Shawn to react by swinging the chair. Bret ducks and Shawn ends up clobbering the undertaker. Bret immediately goes for the cover and Shawn reluctantly has no choice but to count the pin. Shawn rushes out of the ring, the undertaker following him. Bret is in the ring celebrating his fifth WWE championship victory. Pillman, bulldog and Owen join Bret in the ring with the Canada flag to celebrate.

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