Survivor Series 1995

Commentary Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Mr Perfect.
The first match kicks off with The Underdogs which consists of Marty Janetty, Hakushi, Bob Holly and Barry Horowitz. They face the Body Donnas which includes Skip along with his manager Sunny, Rad Radford, and Dr Tom Prichard. Shockingly they announce their fourth partner as the 123 Kid who enters with the Million Dollar Man as his manager. Razor Ramon angrily shows up before the match but is forced to return by officials. Typically the 123 Kid was an underdog himself who had won tag team titles with both Marty Janetty and Bob Holly.
Marty Janetty puts in a good performance and towards the end performs a powerbomb on Skip from the top rope to leave him one on one against the 123 kid. Psycho Sid shows up and attacks Marty Janetty when the referee is distracted by the Million Dollar Man. However, as expected though the 123 Kid takes the win, considering that his character has just turned heel. Sid picks up the 123 Kid to celebrate his victory as a sole survivor.
The next match is a female survivor series elimination match between, Aja Kong (captain), Bertha Faye, Lioness Asuka and Tomoko Watanabe (with Harvey Wippleman) against Alundra Blayze (captain), Chaparita Asari, Kyoko Inoue and Sakie Hasegawa. Shockingly only Aja Kong and Alundra Blayze carry out all their opponent eliminations, with Aja Kong finally eliminating Alundra Blayze.
The next match is between Goldust against Bam Bam Bigelow. A slow match mainly due to Goldust’s pace rather than what Bam Bam is usually capable of. Goldust picks up the victory against Bam Bam Bigelow.
The Dark Side of The Undertaker, Henry Godwinn, Savio Vega and Fatu take on The Royals consisting of Jerry Lawler, King Mabel, Isaac Yankem and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The commentary does refer to Hunter as Triple H for the first time at a WWE PPV. Not only does all the Dark Side team survive, but the Undertaker claims all the eliminations as well with Mabel counting himself out at the end.
The next is a wildcard survivor series match with Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog, and Psycho Sid against the team of Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, Owen Hart and Dean Douglas. With it being a wildcard match team members are expected to turn on each other, as Dean Douglas turns on Razor, and Shawn accidentally superkicks Sid, and British Bulldog turns on Ahmed Johnson. Razor Ramon is distracted by the 123 Kid who causes his elimination. It is the team of Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and British Bulldog who eventually survive after finally defeating Yokozuna.
The main event match is between Bret Hart challenging the WWE champion Diesel. This is a no disqualification match, hence there are exposed turnbuckles, and chair shots, plus Bret also ties Diesel’s leg with a cable to beat him down. It’s not a great match, despite Bret’s efforts. In the end, Diesel is tricked by Bret before he is pinned, causing him to give Bret a beat down after the match. The plan was now in motion, for Shawn to win the Royal Rumble and to face Bret at Wrestlemania 12.

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